DYS-centrum® Prague z.ú.

We support children, adolescents and adults with specific learning difficulties (SLD) or behavioural difficulties.

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With clients

DYS-centrum's target group involves children, adolescents and adults with learning difficulties.

We offer:
  • assessment and long-term therapy
  • counselling for clients of all ages and their family members
  • counselling for teachers
  • support and intervention programmes for children and adolescents
  • support of children's and adolescents' pre-reading and reading skills

With experts

We offer a wide range of courses, seminars and workshops, mostly related to specific learning or behavioural difficulties.

  • We cooperate with experts such as psychologists, special educators and other skilled teachers, neurologists, psychiatrists or paediatricians experienced with children with specific learning or behavioural difficulties.
  • We organise training courses on various topics related to specific learning or behavioural difficulties.
  • We are accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic (No. 11260/2017-1).

Soonest courses

19 September 2024

Free places

Webinar   Jak pracovat doma s dětmi s dyslexií

Webinář pro rodiče.

1 300 Kč
4 October 2024

Free places

Lezení - základ grafomotoriky

1 700 Kč
7 October 2024

Free places

LPAD (Learning Propensity Assessment Device), a dynamic cognitive assessment according to R. Feuerstein

Three-week course

30 000 Kč

Summer opening hours

Summer opening hours: Monday - Wednesday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm 1.7.2024 - 23.8.2024

24 June 2024

New article

24 May 2024

New MABEL course - training for the test battery for assessing the prerequisites for reading and writing development

17 May 2024