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What are supervisors in education like?

Read our interviews published in the DYS-centrum Newsletter. This time with Pavel Dosoudil o supervisions in the education field. If you are interested in receiving the full Newsletter, please feel free to subscribe - see the "Newsletter" footer.

6 December 2022

Interview with the lecturers of the seminar Programme for the development of working speed

Here is an interview we recently published in our Newsletter.

10 November 2022

We use a package delivery Zásilkovna

You can choose to have our e-shop products delivered via Zásilkovna.

1 November 2022

What to do when children cannot read?

Here are some suggestions "from our backstage".

26 October 2022

How to do math

Interview with our long-time lecturer Renata Wolfová.

22 September 2022

Interview with Kristýna Tučková

In the August 2022, DYS-centrum Newsletter published an interview with our "graphic artist" Kristýna. Those who didn't get it can read it here.

26 August 2022