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How Dyslexia Day was born

25 September 2023

Special price for Package In Hand

15 August 2023

Interview with a counselling team that inspires

If you really want, anything happens... An interview with the team that inspires

13 June 2023

What annoys us when working with our clients

We sometimes need a relief after the work with our clients - especially when we feel how misunderstood and discriminated they often are at school. We often face the same moments with the clients again and again, but that doesn't change the fact that they always make us angry.

17 April 2023

8 steps to teach students how to plan

One of the important skills we practice with our clients is planning. It is an executive function, which includes a set of of sub-cognitive functions that help us to successfully solve tasks. It is a skill that helps us to successfully solve tasks we have been given; it enables us to conclude various tasks in everyday life.

18 January 2023

What are supervisors in education like?

Read our interviews published in the DYS-centrum Newsletter. This time with Pavel Dosoudil o supervisions in the education field. If you are interested in receiving the full Newsletter, please feel free to subscribe - see the "Newsletter" footer.

6 December 2022