Grundtvig project

Helping parents for support their children with dyslexia.

From August 2013 to July 2015 the DYS-centrum implemented ainternational project "Grundtvig learning partnership" EMPOWERING PARENTS FOR SUPPORT OF THEIR CHILDREN WITH DYSLEXIA.

Collaborating organisations:
  • Latvijas Dysleksijas Biedriba (Latvia, main project coordinator)
  • DYS-centrum® Praha o.s. (Czech Republic)
  • Eesti Lugemisühing (Estonia)
  • CO.RI.S.S. - Cooperative Riunite Socio Sanitarie (Italy)

Project objectives:
  • Creation and publication of a "Manual" for parents of dyslexic children to advise them on how to support and help their child not only in the home environment, but especially when confronted with the requirements of school and everyday life among people.
  • Mutual exchange of experiences.
  • Knowledge enrichment.
  • Establishing cooperation with foreign organisations dealing with similar issues.

Target group:
  • Parents of children with dyslexia

Important outcomes of the project include

  • Creation of a video to support parents of children with dyslexia on how to talk about their children and how to advocate for them in front of others. The video is available HERE.
  • The creation of a 'Parent's Manual' entitled Helping parents to support their children with dyslexia. The manual can be viewed HERE. In addition, it has been printed in a paper form. If you wish a printed version, please contact us.

You can also follow news from the project here: